For more than a year, ICE has assisted a Norwegian client with technical and commercial development of the DeltaLifter, an innovative single-lift vessel designed for safe and cost-effective removal of decommissioned offshore jackets.

In the process of this work, it became evident that the same principle can be used for installing pre-assembled offshore wind turbines. Pursuing that idea, ICE has now successfully assisted attorneys in preparing a patent application, which was filed recently.
If granted, the new patent would be an important addition to the existing DeltaLifter patents.

The method consists of assembling the wind turbine on shore in a cradle in a near horizontal position, sliding the cradle onto a DeltaLifter vessel, towing it to site and ballasting it until the wind turbine is vertical and can be fixed to the seabed while held in place by the DeltaLifter. Reversing the process, the DeltaLifter can also bring wind turbines ashore for overhaul or decommissioning.

Compared to existing methods, using the DeltaLifter approach significantly reduces costly offshore work.

ICE has previous experience related to windfarms, having designed several jack-up wind turbine installation vessels and offshore windfarm converter platforms.

The picture shows Fred Olsen Windcarrier’s “Brave Tern” installing a 5 MW wind turbine in US waters. Based on a GustoMSC basic design, ICE developed Class drawings and detail design for this vessel. Image Courtesy: Deepwater Wind / Fred. Olsen Windcarrier