Predicting shipowners’ need for design expertise for selection and retrofit of systems to meet new IMO regulations both for ballast water treatment (BWT) and Exhaust Gas Cleaning (EGC), ICE several years ago started to promote its expertise in those areas. Since retrofits in many instances involve fitting equipment and piping into congested engine room spaces, ICE also invested in laser scanning equipment with associated software and training, enabling its designers to accurately generate a 3-dimensional “as-is” model pin-pointing existing structure, equipment and systems. Such 3D computer models enable the designers to determine the most cost-effective way to install new equipment and associated foundations, piping and cabling, and allows a high degree of pre-fabrication. The result is shorter installation time – in many instances when the ship is sailing – and less costly off-hire for the ship.

ICE has successfully been involved is several retrofit projects and currently have engineers performing laser scanning on ships trading between Asian ports, as part of a multi-ship scrubber retrofit contract for a major international Owner.

The picture shows ICE engineers performing 3D laser scanning onboard a container vessel.