Proprietary Designs

50 years of world-class marine design excellence

32,000 dwt Double Hull Bulk Carrier Design

ICE has designed a double hull Handy-size bulk carrier with large hatches that is robust, flexible and economical. It is compliant with the latest relevant Common Structural Rules. The hull form has been developed by use of advanced computational fluid dynamic (CFD) analyses and has thereafter been extensively tested in ICE’s own ITTC-approved towing tank to obtain the lowest possible hull resistance.


The 32,000 dwt vessel is suitable for carrying a wide range of bulk cargoes, such as: coal, grain, ore, cement, alumina, bauxite, bagged cargoes, steel coils, industry log, lumber and plywood.


She is laid out with 5 cargo holds and equipped with four 30 tonnes SWL deck cranes (holds 2, 3 and 4 are fully box shaped and holds 1 and 5 are semi-box type with lower hopper slopes as necessary to provide double skin). The vessel is designed to be an ocean going bulk carrier with bulbous bow, transom stern, raised forecastle and poop deck, open water type stern frame, single rudder and single screw propeller driven by a slow speed diesel engine.

Deadweight, design 32,000 t
Service speed 14.0 knots
Length o.a. 182.50 m
Breadth mld. 29.00 m
Depth mld. 14.75 m
Draught, design 9.85 m
Draught, scantling 10.20 m
Accommodation (including trainees) 30 persons

49,000 dwt Oil/Chemical Tanker Design

ICE has designed a robust and economical Handymax tanker for transportation of crude oil, oil products and IMO Type 2 and Type 3 chemicals, with four cargo separations. The hull form has been developed by use of advanced computational fluid dynamic (CFD) analyses and has thereafter been extensively tested in ICE’s own ITTC-approved towing tank to obtain the lowest possible hull resistance.


The 49,000 dwt Tanker has a double-hull structure meeting international requirements for the prevention of marine pollution and has the maximum permissible width for passage through the Panama Canal.


The vessel has been developed in accordance with the relevant CSR and IMO regulations. She is a single screw motor tanker with engine room and accommodation situated aft and has 12 cargo tanks, each equipped with a hydraulically driven cargo pump, plus 2 slop tanks and 1 retention tank. All cargo tanks (including slop tanks) are of double-hull structure and have sufficient strength to permit the carriage of a full cargo with specific gravity up to 1.025 t/cbm.

Deadweight, design abt. 49,000 t
Service speed 14.4 knots
Length o.a. 182.50 m
Breadth mld. 32.20 m
Depth mld. 18.00 m
Draught, design 11.00 m
Draught, scantling 12.60 m
Accommodation 31 persons

Generic FPSO Hulls

Enabling FPSO newbuilding projects to have a quick start-up and save costs, ICE’s FPSO hull designs provide a suitable platform for a wide range of FPSO topside and mooring configurations. The barge-shaped designs feature double sides, a single bottom and a rounded bow to minimize slamming. The designs are economical to build using conventional shipyard technology and can be assembled from joinable hull modules built in more than one yard.


The design capable of storing 1.6 million barrels of oil available for discharge, with an offloading capacity of one million barrels of oil per day, has been granted DNV approval in principle. A design with an even larger capacity is currently being developed.

G-1600-SM G-350-T
Storage capacity:  1,750,000 bbl 370,000 bbl
Offloading capacity:  1,600,000 bbl 350,000 bbl
Mooring System: Spread-moored Turret
Adaptable to topside
configurations weighing up to: 
30,000 tons  3,500 tons
Length: 308.25 metres 182.10 metres
Breadth: 53.00 metres 32.20 metres
Depth: 29.10 metres 19.90 metres
Accommodation & facilities for:  110-160 personnel 75 personnel
Service life:  25 years without dry-docking

Self-propelled Jack-up Liftboat Design

In response to industry demand for a more cost-effective platform for work in waters up to 65 meters, ICE has developed a robust self-propelled jack-up liftboat design adaptable to a wide range of offshore construction, maintenance, well servicing and accommodation tasks. Drawing on ICE’s many years of offshore and shipbuilding experience, the design is shipyard-friendly and has the flexibility to incorporate a wide range of standard equipment and systems available from experienced suppliers at competitive prices, thus lowering CAPEX as well as OPEX costs.


The four spud tanks can be retracted into the hull thus giving a flush bottom with minimum resistance during transit as well as the ability to operate in very shallow water. The thruster system enables controlled positioning as well as a transit speed at full draft of 9 knots, with no need for tugs. An optional DP1 class notation is available.

Free Deck 1,100 m2
Variable Load 1,700 t
Working Water Depth Max 65 m
Length of Leg 91.40 m
Accommodation 200 persons
Azimuth Thruster 2 x 1,700 kW
Transverse Thruster (forward) 600 kW
Helideck Suitable for Sikorsky S-92 or Sikorsky S61