A team from Damen Yachting recently visited ICE’s main design office in Romania to discuss experience from a recent project, tour the design office and get updated on ICE’s resources and capabilities available for upcoming work.

The family-owned Damen shipbuilding group operates about 35 shipyards around the world, including two in Romania. When ICEPRONAV SA, the former state-owned ship design and research institute was privatized in 2003, ICE and Damen (through subsidiaries) cooperated in buying the shares offered by the Romanian Government’s privatization agency. The Damen group remained an important shareholder until ICE’s parent company bought back Damen’s shares several years later. Besides having been a co-investor, Damen remains a friend of ICE and is one of ICE Group’s many repeat customers.

The Damen Yachting representatives Mr René Franke – Lead Structural Analyst, Mr Niels van de Straat, and Mr Wouter Sipma – Structural Analysis Engineers are pictured here together with Mr Petrica Necula, Engineering Director of ICE and Mr Dragos Totolici, Department Manager, Initial Design.


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