ICE was very pleased to be advised this week by its valued customer MV WERFTEN that – after a prolonged period of Covid-19 related difficulties – the shipbuilder will now progressively be returning to normal operation after having secured financing for its ongoing projects. When the pandemic in the spring of 2019 forced MV WERFTEN to abruptly close most of its activities, ongoing contracts with this German shipyard group provided work for a large part of  ICE’s employees.

The excellent news from MV WERFTEN follows reports from the spectacular naming ceremony of the “Crystal Endeavor”, the ultra-luxurious expeditionary cruise ship for which ICE performed much of the technical design work. The pictures show the traditional champagne bottle being broken as part of the naming ceremony, and interiors of the elegant ship.

We wish the “Crystal Endeavor” success, and we are looking forward to again being of service to MV WERFTEN on its ongoing and upcoming projects.

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Images Courtesy: MV WERFTEN / Crystal Cruises