NAPA, a Finnish maritime software service provider with an office in Galati, has had a long professional association with ICE and earlier rented office space from ICE. To make the most of the summer days, employees from ICE and NAPA recently organized a friendly football match between the two companies.

The two teams (pictured here, with ICE in white shirts) included members from both technical and administrative departments. Reflecting on the event, Razvan Sevastre, ICE Project Manager and also ICE’s team captain, stated,

It was a great opportunity to connect outside of work. The feedback from participants on both sides was positive. Looking ahead, we plan to offer NAPA a rematch before the year’s end and to possibly invite other local engineering companies to take part in a mini tournament.”

A few years ago, when ICE hosted a large group of Brazilian engineers who were in Galati for on-the-job training on an ICE-designed Gusto-type drill ship, ICE arranged successful football matches between Brazilian and Romanian teams.

Event highlights montage video:


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