ICE’s travel activity is now almost back to pre-pandemic level. Recently, Robert Swan, ICE’s President & COO, together with colleagues from ICE’s Romanian office visited clients and expected customers in Greece, Dubai and Scotland. Steinar Draegebo, ICE’s Chairman and CEO recently attended the “One Ocean” Conference in Bergen, Norway, where he, in addition to being updated on progress in the marine decarbonisation, offshore wind and aquaculture industries, caught up with former and prospective customers. On his return to London, he met with shipping companies and represented ICE at the Annual Dinner of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects.

In early May, Coen Landa, ICE’s Rotterdam-based Business Development Director, fresh from client visits in Italy, will spend a week in the US including at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas. In the meantime, Mate Lukas, ICE’s Country Manager for Croatia, will participate in the Adriatic Sea Defense & Aerospace (ASDA) event in Croatia.

Commenting on ICE’s renewed travel activity, Mr Draegebo said:

“Not only have Covid-related restrictions made our traveling difficult the last three years, but several customers were not even allowed to receive visitors and others had a “work from home” policy. We are glad that we are now again able to meet clients face-to-face, a vital element in creating and maintaining good business relations”.


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