ICE has accepted an invitation from MARIN (Maritime Research Institute) in the Netherlands to be a partner in a European funded project Space@Sea funded by EU’s Horizon 2020 research programme.

The 3-year project is scheduled to start in November 2017. Its focus is conceptual design of very large floating islands to be used for developing and storing sustainable energy, transshipping of cargos, cultivating food or creating areas for living and recreation. ICE’s involvement would be in design of the floaters and connecting systems, mechanical coupling and dampers, and expertise related to interaction of modular components.

Pictured here at the demonstration event that took place at MARIN’s main facilities in Wageningen in mid-July, are (from the left): Dragos Totolici, ICE Principal Engineer, Maarten Flikkema, Senior Project Manager of Marin Research & Development and Space@Sea Project Coordinator and Erik-Jan de Ridder, Senior Project Manager of Marin Offshore.

ICE in 3-year EU Research Programme