To provide its customers with leading ESS technology, ICE has entered into a cooperation with Sterling PlanB Energy Solutions, a world leader in design, supply and servicing of safe lithium-ion battery systems on ships.

Steinar Draegebo, ICE’s Chairman and CEO said:

“ESS is an important tool in meeting the marine industry’s ambitious decarbonisation targets, whether used for “peak shaving” of onboard electrical demand to allow diesel-driven generators to operate at optimum conditions or as the main propulsion power for shorter sailings or in confined or environmentally sensitive areas. Access to Sterling PlanB’s technology and experience will help us select the best solutions to meet our customers’ expectations of fuel efficiency, safety and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. ICE will use its extensive ship design experience to optimise integration and arrangement of the ESS as a key element in the ship’s power generation and distribution system – for both newbuilding projects and retrofits.”


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