ICE in JapanBeing able to meet rigorous demands to quality, schedule adherence and cost-effectiveness, ICE has so far successfully provided ship design services to five different Japanese shipyards. In April this year senior ICE executives visited existing and potential clients in Japan to explore how ICE may further assist Japanese yards through a very difficult market situation.

The visit included a meeting with a team of ICE naval architects and marine engineers currently seconded to provide assistance to Kawasaki Heavy Industries’ (“KHI”) shipyard in Kobe, Japan. ICE established an excellent working relationship with KHI a couple of years ago when KHI built the hull of a drill ship for a Brazilian client, which had earlier engaged ICE to develop most of the design information. Awareness of ICE’s capabilities lead KHI to turn to ICE for help to deal with new offshore industry challenges.

The picture shows KHI & ICE key management representatives together with a group of ICE engineers currently stationed in Kobe.