Having long experience in the offshore windfarm industry, ICE has developed a Work-Station Service Operation Vessel (SOV) design that combines safety, comfort and operational efficiency for offshore wind support and maintenance activities. The DP-2 design is offered in two options, either 60 persons (WS-60-SOV) or 40 persons (WS-40-SOV) onboard. Special attention has been given to the level of comfort by reducing noise, vibrations, and vessel motions, and to minimize emissions and fuel costs.

The design includes a dynamically operated walk-to-work gangway, a motion-compensated crane, a system for skidding and sea-fastening of containers in a below-deck warehouse, and state-of-the-art features for energy saving and integration of future sustainable technology.

Commenting on the new design, Robert Swan, President and COO of the ICE Group, said: “The WS-60-SOV concept offers a cost-effective and reliable engineering solution that can be quickly customized to meet specific requirements. Having huge experience in modern shipbuilding, we have designed a ship that is cost-effective to build. The design is developed well beyond the conceptual stage so that we can rapidly incorporate equipment and other choices from Owners and have the design ready for Class approval in short time.

A description of the new Work-Station Service Operation Vessel is available on www.icedesign.info and more information can be had from marketing@icedesign.info


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