ICE has for many years provided navy and coast guard ship design for clients in Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Romania, Thailand, the UK, and the US. Based on extensive experience from both commercial and naval shipyards around the world, ICE has recently developed a proprietary OPV design named the Thames Class.

ICE designed the Thames Class vessels to support a wide variety of missions, including EEZ surveillance, coastal water security, safety at sea and humanitarian aid. Unlike many OPV designs offered by traditional defence contractors, the Thames Class OPV incorporates proven and commercially available equipment and systems in applications where much more expensive military grade solutions are not needed. The result is a base vessel that is cost-effective to build, operate and maintain, and which can be readily adapted to individual needs and to meet changing requirements.

The 85.5 metre, abt. 2,000 tonne OPV has a top speed of twenty-two knots, with an endurance range of 4,500 nm, while accommodating a complement of up to 60, with accommodation for an additional 30 auxiliary or special forces personnel. ICE’s naval architects and structural designers optimized the hull for constructability, speed, and good seakeeping. ICE can offer the design with or without a helicopter hangar.

The Thames Class OPV incorporates valuable “lessons learned”. In addition to a design package customised to individual specifications, ICE can provide programme management support, cost estimates, build strategy, procurement assistance, construction supervision and commissioning assistance, all tailored to individual yards.

A description of the new Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) is available on and more information can be had from

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