ICE’s scope of technical services includes state-of-the-art simulation technology using powerful computer software. Currently, ICE is engaged in two such projects.

Last year, ICE was retained by an Asian customer to analyse unexpected convective heat transfer phenomena related to a gas containment system. The exceptionally large Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analyses required ICE to rent additional computing power from a local university. Satisfied with the results, the customer has now awarded ICE a follow-on study involving CFD analyses of heat transfer problems and Finite Element Analyses of related structural issues.

This year, ICE also won a simulation study for a client in the US, to analyse how wave interaction between two ships and the contour of the river bottom contributed to an accident at a busy American port.

The illustration is from an earlier ICE study involving flow patterns for hazardous gas on a floating storage and offloading (“FSO”) vessel in the Arabian Gulf, to ensure crew safety in case of accidental release of H2S-rich gas during operation.

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