Whilst carefully complying with Coronavirus-related restrictions imposed by Governments in countries where we do business, ICE continues to perform work on ongoing contracts and to respond to new inquiries. We took precautions early to protect our employees at work and we have since shifted almost all activities in our Romanian and Croatian offices to a work-from-home mode. In cooperation with our clients we successfully repatriated those of our colleagues who were working on client premises.

The picture shows ICE employees on a flight home from Germany.

Steinar Draegebo, ICE Group Chairman said:

“I thank all our employees for their efforts to implement work-from-home as well as adapting various cost-cutting measures. At ICE, we are in the fortunate position that our teams routinely work on integrated projects world-wide and communication and delivery are normally by video conferencing, email and phone. We will continue to protect our employees and support our clients in these challenging times.”

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