ICE has won a contract with a subsidiary of the new offshore wind player Eneti Inc., formerly known as Scorpio Bulkers, for detailed design approval of a wind turbine installation jack-up vessel (WTIV) being built in South Korea.

Scheduled for delivery in Q3-2024, the self-propelled vessel will be an NG-16000X design engineered by GustoMSC to feature increased carrying capacity and lifting capacity, as well as a higher lifting height above the deck. The vessel is capable of installing up to 20 MW turbines at water depths of up to 65 metres. Meeting present and future regulations, the vessel can be adapted to operate on the alternate fuels of liquefied natural gas (LNG) or ammonia.

ICE has extensive experience in completing GustoMSC WTIV basic design packages (including drawings and calculations for Class approval) and providing 3-D models and detailed design and production information to suit the individual yard.


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Image Courtesy: Eneti Inc.