The high cost of fossil fuel has accelerated an already rapid growth of offshore wind farms around the world. That has resulted in a corresponding need for vessels both to install and later to maintain offshore wind farms, as well as cable lay vessels and converter platforms to bring electricity ashore. These are the types of vessels and platforms with which ICE has years of experience.

ICE has recently introduced several shipyards to opportunities to build Service Operations Vessels (SOVs) in response to an inquiry from a major operator, using one of ICE’s proprietary SOV designs. Whilst ICE’s SOV may look like the few others on the market, Steinar Draegebo, ICE Chairman and CEO, points out that the big advantage offered by ICE is not only a very price-competitive license and design package but a ship that is production-friendly and based on 50+ years of ship design experience.

Unlike most design houses, depending on the yard’s requirement, ICE can provide the full range of design development from Concept through Class drawings to development of Detail Design and production information, in all marine design disciplines. That ensures a continuity of technical information, under one responsibility. ICE can also assist shipyards with project management, cost estimating, planning, procurement, yard supervision, and other services.

The illustration shows two of the latest SOV designs offered for sale by ICE, namely ICE WS-60-SOV design and ICE Zero-Emission Service Operation Vessel WS-90-SOV design.


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