ICE has prepared an updated general brochure, which shows the new logo that was introduced last year and also highlights the Group’s 50-year history.
Commenting on the new brochure, Coen Landa, ICE’s Business Development Director said: “We needed a new brochure to reflect our long-standing experience with the design of passenger vessels such as Ro-Ro ferries and cruise ships, experience that is now in high demand not only in Europe but also in China. In addition to describing our expertise in our three main business areas, namely design of vessels for the commercial shipping, defence and offshore energy industries, the new brochure also highlights ICE’s involvement with environmentally-friendly technology. That includes energy-efficient ship designs, retrofit design of systems for ballast water treatment and exhaust gas cleaning, use of LNG for ship propulsion and design of vessels for installation and maintenance of offshore wind farms.”

ICE’s new brochure is available for downloading at