To further expand its design services for retrofit of ballast water treatment (BWT) and exhaust gas cleaning (EGC) systems, ICE has entered into a non-exclusive cooperation agreement with Aitken Marine International (AMI), a Dubai-based project management company. ICE will provide on-board surveys, 3-D laser scanning and design, including supply of engineering documentation and support for Class approval.

ICE has recently performed scanning services for a leading Norwegian retrofit contractor, and has a framework agreement in place with one of the world’s leading suppliers of marine BWT and ECG systems. Florin Flor, ICE’s coordinator for retrofit services, says: ”ICE’s focus as a design company is to develop the best technical solution for each ship. We are happy to cooperate with reputable companies that can supply appropriate hardware, fabricate the necessary interface solutions and undertake the onboard installation. We welcome AMI as a partner in the rapidly growing retrofit market.”