ICE is pleased to announce that it has entered into a framework agreement with Silverstream Technologies for worldwide installation design services for retrofitting of the Silverstream® System, the market leading patented air lubrication system designed for reduction of friction between ships’ hulls and seawater. London-based Silverstream Technologies is a founding member of the Global Industry Alliance for combating pollution within shipping. The Silverstream® System has been proven to deliver substantial fuel savings and an associated reduction in GHG emissions.

Commenting on the new cooperation agreement, Steinar Draegebo, ICE Group’s Chairman & Chief Executive, said: ICE has for some years been designing retrofit installation of ballast water treatment (BWT) and exhaust gas cleaning (EGC) systems into existing ships; we routinely send employees around the world to undertake laser scanning onboard ships to ensure we can design an installation that can be done as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. We are honoured to be selected by Silverstream Technologies to extend our retrofit design activity to help the many shipowners around the world who are keen to reduce fuel costs and help combat pollution using the Silverstream® System. We expect this to be a major retrofit market opportunity within the near future as the industry becomes aware of the substantial benefits of the technology, with the aim that the Silverstream® System is routinely included in new ships when they are being built”.

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