We are happy to note that our colleague Ana-Maria Chiroşcă has successfully defended her PhD Thesis at the Dunărea de Jos University in Galati. The main objective of her doctoral work on shipping behaviour in European waters was to assess maritime traffic and coastal shipping patterns in Europe as a result of changing weather conditions, the rapidly developing offshore windfarm industry, change in ship types and sizes, etc.

Reflecting on her successful performance, Ana-Maria (pictured here), said:

“The PhD years went by faster than I imagined. It involved a lot of hard work and many sleepless nights, but as long as you do what you love, you always find the strength to keep going. I am happy to have closed this chapter of my life and I look forward to future challenges.”

Ana-Maria joined ICE in 2018 as a naval architect in the Initial Design Department while she was completing her master’s degree. We congratulate Ana-Maria on her remarkable achievement and look forward to her ongoing contributions to ICE.

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