As part of its development of the SKYTUG concept, Bluewater Engineering Limited (BWE), the SKYTUG’s inventor, has recently successfully tested its patented technology for  synchronous launch and control of multiple kites, hoisting a kite into the air using remotely controlled runners climbing up the primary tethers. This feature – never before demonstrated – is an essential element in BWE’s ongoing development of kite-pulled oceangoing tugs able to tow large cargo vessels on transoceanic crossings without using their main engines and with no loss of transit time.

In 2023, BWE was awarded a grant to develop its technology from the Transport Research and Innovation Grants (TRIG) programme, financed by the UK Department for Transport. ICE’s major contribution to the development has been to design and tank test the catamaran hull, fitted with controllable hydrofoils to counteract the pulling force from the kites and keep the tug and thus the towed ship going in the desired direction.

The main benefit of SKYTUGs – envisioned to offer “Uber-type” services on major intercontinental deep-sea ocean crossings – is to enable owners of existing cargo ships to meet pollution limitations without investing in energy saving devices or resorting to excessive “slow-steaming”, with the towing fee offset by saved bunker costs.   

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