ICE has developed a Service Operation Vessel design suitable for emission free operations and cost-effective maintenance of offshore wind farms. The concept uses a battery-powered propulsion system designed to be recharged using offshore charging stations.

ICE WS-90-SOV is designed to work on batteries only during in-field operations including for transit, DP, gangway operation and hotel consumptions. The design takes advantage of the latest battery and in-field buoy charging technology. The vessel will have high-quality single cabin accommodation, and offers generous storage, efficient logistics and safe access to wind turbines for technicians.

In addition to licensing the conceptual design, ICE can provide a complete Basic Design/Class Drawing package, as well as detail design and production information for shipyards that may have inadequate in-house design capacity. The design can be adapted to specific Owner requirements.

A description of the new Zero-emission Service Operation Vessel is available on available on and more information can be had from


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